If you answered no to the above question you were either not in attendance at the Forrester Forum on Sales Enablement, or you were not paying close enough attention to the keynotes.  It doesn’t matter what your title or position is within your organization, you are a part of sales success.  You either sell directly, do marketing to generate leads for sales, or enable sales to do their job more efficiently in one way or another.  You can have everyone working to enable sales in an ad hoc fashion or you can adopt what Forrester refers to as, the 21st-century selling system.  And what we at CallidusCloud refer to as, the lead to money process.

Bringing together sales leaders, sales operations, finance, and marketing through the use of technology is transform the way your sales people sell.  Optimizing each stage of the buying cycle through automation, from the generation of a lead all the way to closing a deal and bringing in the money, is the future of sales and of organizational alignment.

Enabling Sales with the Tools They Need

Forresters forum for sales enablementForrester’s Sales Enablement Forum provided some great ideas and actionable tips on the importance that everyone in the organization plays in sales success.  There were two keynotes in particular that showed the power of what can happen when the entire organization gets behind the enablement of sales.

Eduardo Conrado, of Motorola Solutions, gave a remarkable keynote that really brought to light many of the conference themes and highlighted the power of the lead to money process.  By bringing in different business units and speaking with the front line sellers, Motorola Solutions was able to enable their sales reps to engage their customers in complex conversations, and adjust those conversations based on where the customer took them.  This is game changing.  Giving sales reps access to the content they need, when they need it so that they are enabled to engage with their customers in the manner that their customers want to be engaged, provides a new level of customer experience.  To learn more about the platform that Motorola leverages to enable their reps, click here.

Christopher Weckler, of CleaverBrooks, also showed the importance of bringing different departments together to drive sales success in his keynote.  Chris provided some great insight into how best to go about gaining the necessary buy-in from the different departments within an organization to make the launch of a new selling tool successful.  CleaverBrooks was able to drastically reduce the amount of time it took to provide their customers with a quote by implementing a CPQ platform that enabled their sales teams to deliver accurate quotes, faster.  If you are interested in learning more about the CPQ platform used by CleaverBrooks give a try with a free trial.